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Monash Freeway ‘road rage’ smash

Witnesses say a ‘complete idiot’ in a fit of road rage caused a multi-car crash on the Monash Freeway.

Paramedics are treating two people after the head-on crash in the out-bound lanes near Springvale Road.

It’s not believed their injuries are serious.

There were major traffic delays in the area – including in-bound lanes, courtesy of rubberneckers.

Caller Ross told 3AW Breakfast the car that caused the crash was driving in the in-bound emergency lane, abusing another drive, before spinning out of control.

‘He swung to the right-hand lane of the car … swerving, trying to get closer and closer, gunning it,’ he said.

‘And then he lost control of the car.

‘It went through the barrier, straight across and – BANG! – straight into the front of the car out-bound.

‘The guy in the red car is a complete idiot. He caused the incident.’

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