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Monash Uni students face skyrocketing parking prices

Monash University has axed free parking at four of its Victorian campuses and students will now pay a $75 annual parking fee or $400 for their own parking spot.

The move has outraged many students who are already on a tight budget, as shuttle buses to the university are often overcrowded or late.

James Wells, a third year commerce and law student at Monash University Clayton has said the fee would be tough for him.

‘I’m still working out whether I’m going to fork out the seventy five bucks or not.’ he told Tony Jones, ‘but if I do decide to talk public transport it’s probably going to add up to an hour, if not more, to my transport time.’

‘It’s a few connections on public transport to get there. I’ve got to catch the tram to Caulfield station, the train to Huntingdale Station and then the bus to Clayton.’

Mr Wells said that textbooks can be up to $500 dollars just for a semester which would be purchased at the same time as the parking permit, putting financial strain on some students.

Listen in full to James Wells, Monash University student