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Monash University’s blood test breakthrough that could save lives

Melbourne scientists have made a breakthrough that could fast-track the way disease or infection is diagnosed and treated.

Monash University researchers have developed a device, which can rapidly detect serious conditions such as HIV, diabetes and hepatitis using a single drop of blood.

The technology uses infrared light to analyse disease-causing pathogens.

It has the potential to deliver a diagnosis within an hour.

Patients currently have to wait 24 to 48 hours for results using current technologies, which can be too late for those with conditions like septicaemia.

It is hoped the device could be approved for use in hospitals in the next three to four years.

Co-inventor Bayden Wood, the Centre for Biospectroscopy director at Monash University, told 3AW Breakfast it could also be used to detect allergies, glucose and various other applications.

“It’s a really universal test and really it’s only limited by the type of disease we develop the model on, that’s the really exciting part,” he said.

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