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Youths brawl and ‘bait the police’ at Sunbury Station


Violence broke out at Sunbury Railway Station on Wednesday afternoon with youths reportedly taunting about police.

Hume Councillor Jack Medcraft said the violence broke out at the station at about 4pm.

“The police are really struggling to control this,” he told Tom Elliott.

“A crowd just won’t break up and they’re all calling for their friends to come and fight the coppers.

“They’re baiting the police to spray them and you’ve got some idiot there with a camera filming it.”

Councillor Medcraft said police deployed pepper spray.

Victoria Police said they were speaking with an 18-year-old in relation to inappropriate behaviour shortly after 3.30pm.

The youth was given a warning and asked to move on however continued the behaviour and was arrested.

During the arrest he allegedly spat at a police officer.

A large number of youths on their way home from school were gathered at the station and a small number became aggressive towards police.

Extra police were deployed to the scene.

Police say the incident was not gang related.

The 18-year-old who was arrested is expected to be charged with assault police, possess drug of dependence and being in possession of a knife.

There were no injuries reported.

Press PLAY below to hear Cr Medcraft call in to Tom Elliott from the scene of the brawl.