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More than one-in-seven health workers considering quitting over COVID-19, study finds

More than one-in-seven health workers are considering leaving their job to protect their families during the coronavirus crisis, a new survey has revealed.

A survey by Essence Communications found 15 per cent of frontline healthcare workers are considering quitting.

Director and lead researcher at Essence Communications, Penny Bourke, said the result was surprising.

“They’re concerned about their health and wellbeing,” she told Dee Dee.

“I think the whole health industry is feeling the stress of COVID and this risk they’re putting themselves at, and therefore their families, every day they go to work.”

Of the workplaces of the front-line workers surveyed, only 18 per cent had made masks mandatory at all time.

But nine-in-10 workers said they didn’t feel comfortable working without personal protective equipment.

“Front-line healthcare workers really want to be wearing masks, and want us to be wearing masks,” Ms Bourke said.

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