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More unrest at Parkville Youth Justice Centre

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The state opposition says the government needs to stop ‘pussy-footing’ around the issues in Victoria’s youth justice centres.

It’s been another troublesome weekend at the Parkville facility, with reports of as many as 40 inmates causing trouble.

Police, fire crews and paramedics were called to the facility around midnight on Sunday.

They spent all of Monday trying to account for inmates who had escaped their cells and hid in the roof.

Extensive damage has been caused to the facility.

There were also issues on Saturday night.

Shadow minister for children, Georgie Crozier, told Neil Mitchell it was time for the government to get tough.

‘This situation can’t go on,’ she said on 3AW Mornings.

‘The government has stop pussy-footing around with this stuff and get serious.’

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Neil Mitchell said the problems appeared to highlight a ‘lack of respect’ for authority.

But Bernie Geary, the former children’s commissioner, said that theory was ‘too simple.’

He said the children were disconnected from society.

‘We need to understand who these children are,’ he explained on 3AW.

‘They live in a society that hasn’t offered them much, recently, apart from drugs, I guess.

‘They’re not properly connected.’

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