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Moreland City Council denies reports they were canceling their Christmas program

Moreland City council deny changes to their Christmas program.

This comes after the council received heavy backlash over reports they were cancelling Christmas in 2017.

Tom Elliott spoke with Councillor Oscar Yildiz who tried to clear the air. 

‘Oh my god, this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.’

‘If people think we’re pandering to minorities, they are wrong.’ – Cr Yildiz told 3AW Drive. 

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The City of Moreland has decided to dump its official Christmas decorations in 2017.

The council want to slowly transition into a more diverse celebrations program.

It’s the same council that supported an ‘anti-racism’ rally last week, a move which attracted fierce criticism from local businesses.

Tom Elliott has labelled the changes absolutely ridiculous.

‘Imagine if you’re a kid?! We’re not going to have Christmas this year, but we’re going to have the ‘Moreland Celebrations Program’!’ he said on 3AW Drive.

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