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Moreland City Council under fire for backing Saturday’s violent Coburg protest

Moreland City Council has been slammed by police and could face legal action over Saturday’s violent protest at Coburg.

Several people were arrested as brawls broke out between anti-Islam and anti-racism groups on Sydney Road.

Angry traders have contacted 3AW to vent their frustration, with some considering legal action against the council over what happened.

Ron Iddles, head of the Police Association, said it was wrong for Moreland City Council to back the protest.

‘I can’t believe this was a decision which came out of council,’ he said on 3AW Breakfast.

‘They’re elected to serve the community and shop holders.’

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David told 3AW Breakfast his business was ‘virtually closed’ the entire day because of the chaos.

He said it was a ‘pig-headed’ decision from council.

‘This is the most racially diverse suburb in Melbourne,’ David explained on 3AW Breakfast.

‘It would have every nationality running businesses here, or living here.

‘Every single one of those businesses was virtually closed down on Saturday, all because one Socialist Alliance councillor pig-headedly had to stage that rally smack in the middle of the precinct on the busiest day of the week.’

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