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Why Mornington Peninsula residents say easing the five kilometre rule won’t drive up crowds

Residents in beachside areas of metropolitan Melbourne say expanding the five kilometre radius won’t lead to more people flocking to their suburbs.

The state’s health authorities are exploring the risks associated with expanding Melbourne’s five kilometre radius to 20 kilometres.

Yesterday, Deputy Chief Health Officer Allen Cheng revealed modelling on the extended movement limit will be completed by today.

It comes just ahead of Sunday’s announcement on the easing of some restrictions.

Concerns that an increase of the five kilometre travel limit will lead to an influx of people flocking to beachside areas have been aired.

But many Mornington Peninsula residents say it won’t make a difference, because people are already flouting restrictions and travelling to the area.

“They’ll just come down here willy nilly whenever they like. It’s happening now,” Dromana resident, Mark, told Ross and Russel.

Mornington Peninsula woman, Kelly, agrees.

“They’re already here,” she said.

“You can tell when they’ve got their suitcases in their cars.”

Tootgarook woman, Maggie, said her street is full of holidaymakers.

“The street that I live in, the majority of houses are holiday homes, and every week for months now you get four or five cars in the driveway,” she said.

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