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Mum in battle with Fines Victoria after terrifying car theft

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A terrified Frankston mother remains locked in a battle with Fines Victoria after a car she was trying to sell was stolen.

Alice (not her real name) advertised her Holden Calais on Gumtree in March and after her alleged attacker responded, he pushed her out of the car and sped away.

She’s currently battling with Fines Victoria to clear a number of fines which were racked up by the driver of the stolen vehicle.

“It was immediately flagged as a stolen car and we were then made away later that day it was used in a robbery at Hastings,” she said on 3AW Mornings.

“Given what (the car) was involved in, we knew we’d be receiving fines.

“Eastlink were able to squash some tolls it was used for and they were amazing.

“We had to provide a reference number and statutory declaration to Fines Victoria and then they said it was still up to them whether they wipe (the fines) or not.

“If they don’t wipe it, my husband would have to pay the fine and have his demerit points taken off.”

Alice told Neil Mitchell she couldn’t understand why the process to clear the fines was so difficult.

“In all the robberies the car was used in, they have the number plate on file and it was stated as stolen,” she said.

“You’d think that if they could do the legwork and look it up it wouldn’t be that hard but it’s just a common case of departments not talking to each other.

“We shouldn’t have to go back to the stone age (to sort this out).”

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