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Mother of ice-addicted woman living rough on the streets issues harrowing plea

The mother of a drug-addicted 19-year-old woman has issued a harrowing plea for police to ‘lock up’ her daughter. 

Helen, which is not her real name, told Neil Mitchell she spotted her daughter in the homeless camp at Flinders Street on the television news.

She’s not sure where she is now.

‘My daughter has a home to come to, but she has a drug addiction,’ she said.

‘I want to bring her home.’

Helen’s daughter, Natasha, which is also not her real name, was bullied and turned to drugs at age 14.

She began using ice and Helen says her addiction is out of control. She says she is a danger to herself and others.

‘She needs mandatory rehab. She needs to be in a rehab where she cannot discharge herself,’ Helen said.

‘I want the police to lock up my daughter.

‘I’d rather see her locked up in a prison cell than out here roaming the streets and getting more drugs.

‘I want her to have a good life Neil.’

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