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Mother of transgender school girl fires back at “disgusting” comment from Barnaby Joyce

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The mother of a transgender child has launched a scathing attack on controversial MP Barnaby Joyce after the former deputy Prime Minister called for private schools to retain the right to ban or expel transgender children.

Simone, the mother of a seven-year-old transgender child, told Tom Elliott the comments were very damaging.

“What is in her pants is nobody’s business – she is a girl and we want her to get a private education,” she said.

But Mr Joyce fired back a short time later.

“At seven they’ve decided they’re transgender? Are you for real?” he said.

Mr Joyce said it was “blatantly absurd.”

“I can’t come out and say I condone it because I don’t,” he said.

“What about the right’s of the other parents of the school?”

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