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MP faces sanction from the Parliament if he refuses to answer questions about the ‘dog chauffeuring’ scandal

Corrections minister Steve Herbert could face sanction from the parliament if he refuses to answer specific questions about the chauffeuring of his two pet dogs.

The Premier is under pressure to sack the minister who’s been caught asking his ministerial driver to ferry his dogs Patch and Ted between his city and country homes.

The Minister admits it was a mistake and says he will pay the cost of petrol for the trips.

But in question time yesterday he refused to answer specific questions including how many times the trips occurred.

President of the Upper House Bruce Atkinson has told Neil Mitchell he must provide a written response to the questions.

‘In the case that this did not happen, then that exhausts my actions, but indeed the house itself could make some decision in respect the non-prevision events.’ Atkinson said on 3AW Mornings. 

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