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Multiple people shot dead after church massacre in Texas

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The death toll from the deadly church mass shooting in Texas has hit 26, making it the worst in the state’s history.

The gunman, armed with a rifle, stormed into the First Baptist Church’s Sunday services at Sutherland Springs, firing numerous shots.

It’s believed the shooter fired out the front of the church and inside it, before fleeing.

He was disarmed by someone outside the church.

Authorities say the gunman was a white male, believed to be ages in his 20s.

Officials believe more than 20 people have been injured, among them young children.

The age ranges of the victims range from 5 to 72-years-old.

Police have confirmed the gunman was found dead in his car after a short pursuit.

County officials say it was a bloodbath.

The Australian newspaper’s US correspondent Cameron Stewart says the 14-year-old daughter of the pastor at the church is believed to be among the dead.

He said it was a quintessential small American town.

“There were grandparents there, there were parents there were children, and they were trapped in that church,” he told Tony Jones.

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