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Mum ‘beyond furious’ after disabled daughter was fined on Lilydale bus

UPDATE: Public Transport Victoria has apologised after fining a young disabled woman on a Lilydale bus.

Claire Macey was left outraged after her daughter with down syndrome was fined by a ticket inspector in March.

Ms Macey told 3AW Mornings her daughter had no concept of what had happened and was given the fine without understanding what she had done wrong.

‘I’m beyond furious, I think it’s despicable,’ she told Neil Mitchell.

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3AW Mornings questioned PTV over the fine, with Alan Fedda telling Neil Mitchell a mistake had clearly been made.

He said PTV officers had ‘discretion’ when it came to fining people and it hadn’t been showed in this instance.

‘Our authorised officers appear to have got it wrong,’ he said.

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