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Mum whose baby was in intensive care learnt of COVID-19 hospital outbreak on the news

Image: Today / Nine

A mother whose baby was in the neonatal intensive care unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital when a COVID-19 outbreak occurred says she first learnt of the cases through the media.

Stefanie Doree’s daughter, Antonia, was in the intensive care unit on July 17, when she was just a week old.

On Monday, four COVID-19 cases — one baby, two parents and a worker — were linked to the unit.

In a statement, the Department of Health and Human Services said “all babies, staff and parents, including any RCH staff who have spent more than two hours on Butterfly Ward since 12 July will be tested”, but Ms Doree said she had to initiate contact with both the hospital and the DHHS.

Press PLAY below to hear Stefanie tell Neil Mitchell about the bungle

“We found out … through the media,” she told Neil Mitchell.

“I called the hospital, I was told by them I have to call DHHS.

“They said ‘No, the media has more information than we have. Ring the hospital.’

“I could not get any answers from anybody.”

Ms Doree only received a call from a doctor at the Royal Children’s Hospital after appearing in the media.

“They said ‘We apologise, we meant to call you, we hadn’t quite got there yet’,” she told Neil Mitchell.

Ms Doree says she was told doctors has received a directive from the Department of Health forbidding them to share any information earlier.

“It’s a big cover up,” she said.

Antonia has now tested negative to coronavirus.

Ms Doree and her partner are awaiting their test results.