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Muslim Party ‘long overdue’, says founder

The Founder of the Australian Muslim Party believes representation for Muslims is ‘long overdue’. 

‘With everything that’s happening, there’s no real formal representation currently,’ Diaa Mohamed told Neil Mitchell on Tuesday.

‘There’s about four, five, six anti-Islamic parties specifically created to be opposed to Muslims and Islam. I thought it was only fair to create something they can oppose.’

Mr Mohamed condemned Saturday’s attacks in Paris that claimed the life of around 140 people.

‘It’s a tragedy,’ he said.

‘Any innocent life anywhere is a tragedy, whether it be in Paris or what happened in Lebanon a few days before that.’

But Neil remained unconvinced that the Party would benefit social cohesion.

‘I think it encourages division,’ he said.

‘We’re already got enough of those far-right lunatic parties which thrive on encouraging division.’

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