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Myki android trial has been a success (so far)

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Public Transport Victoria has invited about 4000 Android users to take part in a test run of using their phones to touch on and off on the Myki system.

And lo and behold – it hasn’t been plagued by huge problems.


Cristina Spizzica, trial participant, told Tom Elliott she’s had it on her phone for about a week.

“Basically you just have to hold your phone near the Myki reader and use the Google Pay app to complete the touch on,” Cristina said.

“At the moment it’s just Android, I think there needs to be some arrangement with Apple and Apple Pay (for iPhones) and it’s easier with Google Pay.”

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“I swear the goal of mobile phone companies is to get rid of wallets,” Tom said.

“It’s just less cards you have to carry around!”

Photo: Daniel Bowen, PTUA