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Meaning behind mysterious new Chinatown statue revealed

Visitors to Melbourne’s Chinatown have spotted an unusual new statue outside a bar on Little Bourke Street.

Rob told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell about the statue, which he thought showed a veiled woman holding a gun in one hand and a bomb in the other.

3AW Mornings producer Genevieve Rule went to investigate.

“I can understand why Rob was confused,” she said.

“She’s holding a pistol and what looks like a heart with honeycomb dripping down it.”

Maz Salt owns Park, the bar the statue has been erected outside.

He said the statue, created by artist Jeremy Blincoe, depicts a figure from Minoan history.

“The piece itself is a representation of a bee mistress,” he said.

“It’s a symbol of a historical figure who was responsible for bees.”

Mr Salt explained why the figure is holding a gun.

“It’s a commentary on the environment,” he said.

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