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Mystery solved: The aggressive crow that’s got it in for windscreen wiper blades

There’s a destructive crow in Melbourne’s suburbs that seems to have it in for windscreen wiper blades.

3AW Mornings listener Rob was perplexed when his wife’s wiper blades kept getting broken at her workplace in Greensborough.

“The first time she got the car back from the dealer (to have the wipers fixed),” he said.

“Next thing you know she goes back to the car and the wind wipers were broken.”

He said the dealer kindly replaced the wiper blades again.

That’s when Rob’s wife Andrea, and her colleague, spotted the crow having a go at the wipers on her friend’s car.

So they filmed it.

“It’s a common problem,” he said.

“They reckon it’s the same bird coming back all the time.”

WATCH the crow that appears to be eating windscreen wipers

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University of New England bird expert Steve Debus said it was difficult to say exactly what the crow is up to.

“I’m wondering if it can see its reflection in the windscreen, and thinks it’s got a rival in its territory,” he said.

“Or maybe it’s trying to gather nesting material.”