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Name game: Denis Walter tries to get the spelling right

What’s in a name?

From Newcastle, Albury, Castlemaine to Whorouly, it’s easy to pronounce towns wrong.

It’s probably even harder to get the spelling right.

3AW Afternoons host Denis Walter played a game with listeners with difficult names.

He asked for listeners who are constantly spelling their names, or towns that are always pronounced wrong.

Caller Bevellee has had trouble with her name her whole life.

But one caller’s name particularly stumped Denis.

‘If you can spell my name, I’d almost give you my house!’ she said.

After two guesses (Nerilly, Nerrily?) Denis was nearrrly there.

‘It’s Neroele,’ she said.

‘It’s given me a lot of trouble.’

Name game: Denis tries to get the spelling right