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Nasty surprise: Copperhead snake found in bathroom

Image: Manfred Zabinskas/Five Freedoms Animal Rescue

A Macedon Ranges resident got a rude shock last week after discovering a copperhead snake in the bathroom.

The snake had wrapped itself around the base of the toilet at a home in Glenlyon, near Daylesford.

Wildlife rescuer Manfred Zabinskas, from Five Freedoms Animal Rescue, said it’s not an uncommon find as the mercury rises.

“We do get calls about snakes that get into houses each year, and that mainly happens on really hot days,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“We get them regularly on tiles, lino or under a washing machine on really hot days.

“When temperatures get too high they can’t cool down, so they need to get away from the heat and find cool places to lower their temperature.”

But Mr Zabinskas said many people do the wrong thing when they spot a snake in their home and it makes it hard for snake catchers to capture the reptiles.

“The message I want to send out to people is if they do get a snake in any part of their house the worst thing you can do is run out screaming and not know where the snake goes!,” he said.

“Shut the door on whatever room the snake is in and get a towel and shove it under the door!”

Mr Zabinskas was able to capture the copperhead snake and it was released a few kilometres away.

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