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NBN boss responds to ‘train wreck’ network delays and service disruptions

The chief executive of the National Broadband Network says it will be painful to address the challenges of building the $49 billion network but says Australia will be the first “fully connected continent” when it is completed.

Yesterday Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called the project a “train wreck” and blamed the previous Labor Government for the network not being commercially viable.

The project has been marred by complaints from consumers unhappy with their service.

NBN boss Bill Morrow spoke to Neil Mitchell about the difficult business model.

“I do believe Neil, we will get through it,” he said.

“It will still be a bit painful. When we do, we will be the first fully connected continent, we will have most of these painful isues behind us we will start to reap the benefits I think of what a digital economy should bring.”

Neil Mitchell: “Will you need more money from government?”

Bill Morrow: “We don’t believe so, certainly not at this point in time. What we are going to need is a better service for consumers. We collect $43 for every user we have every month, that’s not enough to pay for the network we are building.”

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