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NBN to ‘investigate’ concerns over nurse alert system

The NBN says it’s investigating concerns from a nursing home operator who claims there are issues for residents that arise when switching to the NBN.

200,000 people live in retirement villages around Australia and many use emergency nurse alert systems, which rely on internet with a back-up system.

There are several different providers but not all have that back-up system.

It means some residents could be left without their nurse alert system when they need it most.

Village Glen retirement home has sent a letter to residents outlining some of the “idiosyncrasies in the system.”

Peter Neilson, chief operating officer, says there has to be follow up to explain everything to residents.

“We’ve been trying to deal with this issue for a while,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“I’m not sure all of those operators are across this issue.”

Mr Neilson said many of the smaller providers were “aggressive” in their marketing.

“A few people don’t want to deal with Telstra, so they go down their own path and that provider isn’t aware there’s a nurse call system – they’re just selling a product – and they drop off the modem,” he said.

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