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“It’s our annual picnic”: Near 90-yr-old Joy has only missed one Grand Final since 1945

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A near 90-year-old woman was one of the first in line outside the MCC, desperate for a good seat at the Grand Final.

Joy Merchant and son Gary arrived at Gate 2 on Thursday morning.

And they do it every single year!

“Why? My Mum drags me here to be quite honest,” he said.

“I’m Melbourne and Mum’s Geelong.

“We’ve been queuing since the 60s.”

Joy told Kate and Quarters she’s only missed one Grand Final since 1945.

“It’s our annual picnic!” Joy said.

“Since 1945 I’ve missed one, 1958.

“I was due in 16 days to have a baby, and I was furious to think they did that to me, I had twins.”

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