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Near miss: Steel beam smashes through windscreen

A steel beam has smashed through the front windscreen of a moving car.

Isabella Barbuto was driving to work on Wednesday morning when the steel beam broke through her windscreen on Bell Street, Pascoevale.

“It came flying through my window – on the passenger side – and finished up behind my steering wheel,” Ms Barbuto told 3AW Drive.

It is unknown where the steel beam came from.

“For it to fall off a truck it’d be pretty impossible because it came from the passenger side but then for someone to throw it, you’d have to have a lot of power,” Ms Barbuto told Tom Elliott.

Police did not attend the incident as no one was injured.

“They didn’t come out because no other car was involved, and I’d turned into a side street so I wasn’t a road hazard.”

Emergency services directed her to call her insurance company.

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