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Ned Kelly wants to vote and the AEC aren’t amused

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He’s been dead for 149 years, but the Australian Electoral Commission are not amused after someone falsely registered for a postal vote as Ned Kelly.

Last Friday, the Glenrowan Hotel in Glenrowan, Victoria received a letter from the AEC addressed to an Edward Kelly.

It was the ‘Siege of Glenrowan’  that led to the infamous bush ranger, Ned Kelly’s capture and eventual execution.

Andrew Crimmins, publican at the Glenrowan Hotel said he had a laugh when the postman handed the letter to him.

“I haven’t opened the letter. It’s not mine to open, he might come and collect it yet,” Mr Crimmins joked with Neil Mitchell.

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The AEC have denied that Ned Kelly is an actual registered voter.

“It’s definitely not the case that there is an Edward Kelly on the electoral roll at the Glenrowan Hotel,” Evan Ekin-Smyth, the spokesperson for the AEC told Neil Mitchell.

“You can only be on the electoral roll at your residence and there is no Edward Kelly at that residence.”

It appears that while it may be easy to register somebody for a postal vote, there is no guarantee the vote will be counted.

“At the back end, we conduct an incredibly strict check against the electoral roll,” Mr Ekin-Smyth told 3AW Mornings.

“There is no risk of postal votes for people not on the electoral roll getting into the count.”

When asked whether the AEC were amused by the prank, Mr Ekin-Smyth said they were not.

“We’re a very professional organisation and we’ve got a number of checks and balances in place.”

The Glenrowan Hotel plan on framing and displaying the letter addressed to the infamous bush ranger.

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