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Neil Mitchell admits he’s ‘on edge’ about an ‘ugly’ Australia Day

Neil Mitchell admits he’s concerned about an “ugly” Australia Day in Melbourne.

It comes after the acting Lord Mayor made a plea to those planning on protesting in the city to do so peacefully.

Speaking on 3AW Mornings, Arron Wood – standing in for Robert Doyle while he is investigated for allegations of sexual harassment – recalled being in the CBD with his young daughter last Australia Day.

“It was nothing short of scary,” he said.

“You can be fired up about your issue, but please, please think about the people going about their business and aren’t part of your issue.”

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Thousands are expected to flock to parliament house to take part in the “invasion day” rally.

Neil Mitchell said he had a bad feeling about what may transpire.

“I’m a bit edgy about the next few days,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“The heat, the booze and political tensions – idiots on left and right – it could be an ugly day tomorrow.

“I really hope I’m wrong.”

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