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Neil Mitchell alarmed by interlock data, says drink-drivers ‘still don’t get it’

Convicted drink-drivers are trying to take on the system at least 200 times a day, every day.

And it’s got Neil Mitchell alarmed.

New figures have revealed there were more than 81,000 thousand breaches of interlock devices in Victoria over the past year alone.

The good news? They’re being caught and can’t drive.

The bad news? They’re still trying to get behind the wheel.

‘Those drunks still don’t get it,’ Neil Mitchell said.

‘They’re recidivists.

‘They’ve done it before and they’re trying to do it again.’

Neil Mitchell questioned whether penalties for recording a breach of an interlock device were harsh enough.

‘If you’re stupid enough, or dangerous enough, to try and beat the machine then you either don’t get it, are addicted, or an arrogant idiot who is going to try and drink and drive regardless,’ he said.

The 3AW Mornings host spoke with Samantha Cockfield from the TAC about the concerning information.

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