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Neil Mitchell and homeless spokesperson ‘Spike’ clash over protest outside Robert Doyle’s house

Neil Mitchell has clashed with an advocate for the homeless over what the 3AW Mornings host described as an ‘unacceptable’ protest outside the house of Lord Mayor Robert Doyle.

But ‘Spike’ – connected with the homeless persons union – defended the group’s actions.

As revealed on The Rumour File, the protesters arrived outside Cr Doyle’s private residence shortly before midnight on Saturday.

Cr Doyle told Neil Mitchell his family and neighbours were woken up by the noise, with several fearing for their safety.

But Spike said that was an overreaction.

‘It was just a bit of noise,’ he said.

Spike told Neil Mitchell the Lord Mayor had brought it on himself, saying Cr Doyle had used his platform as the Lord Mayor to ‘demonise and vilify’ Melbourne’s homeless.

‘You can’t clock off when you’re making decisions of this gravity,’ he said.

But Neil Mitchell said the group was only damaging their cause.

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