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Neil Mitchell and Les Murray clash about soccer on 3AW Mornings

Australian soccer identity Les Murray has clashed with Neil Mitchell about anti-soccer agendas in the mainstream media.

Murray, best known for his roles with SBS, told 3AW Mornings he was certain some members of the media ‘hated’ soccer and wanted it to fail.

He said it was ‘unethical’ that News Corp published the names of 198 banned A-League fans.

‘I’m not sure what public interest was served by this?’ Murray said.

‘That article, Neil, was an open case of deliberate slander at the game of football, nothing else.’

Neil Mitchell: ‘Les, do you really think there are people in the media who are out to fix up the game? Really?’

Les Murray: ‘Absolutely.’

Neil: ‘There’s a conspiracy?

Les: ‘There are prominent people in the media who hate the game and don’t want it to grow.’

Neil: ‘Who?’

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