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Neil Mitchell and Ricky Muir go head to head over ‘twisted’ view on Adler shotgun

3AW Mornings host Neil Mitchell has gone head-to-head with Senator Ricky Muir over his ‘twisted’ view on the controversial Adler A110 shotgun.

Mr Muir released a video this week, in which he attempted to highlight the ‘disgraceful misinformation’ being spread about the gun.

It’s currently subject to temporary restrictions following a push from the likes of Walter Mikac to have it banned.

Neil Mitchell said Australia had ‘led the world’ with its gun laws.

‘We can’t back off now,’ he said.

But Senator Muir said there was no need for the gun to be banned.

‘The whole reclassification has been based on a lot of fears and mistruths,’ he said.

Click PLAY below to watch Ricky Muir’s video

Click PLAY below to hear Neil Mitchell’s debate with Ricky Muir