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Neil Mitchell: Australia is better than ‘weak’ Pauline Hanson’s antics

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Neil Mitchell has called on the One Nation senator to discuss her stunt in parliament yesterday, but Hanson has refused.

“She is too weak to come on air to debate it with me,” Neil said.

“To me it looked more designed to be self promotion than anything else.”

Hanson donned a burqa in question time yesterday, sparking furious reactions from politicians and the public alike.

While Neil admitted some Australians may be frightened by the burqa, we should not dictate what citizens can or cannot wear.

“Clothes don’t define a person,” Neil said.

“Having said that I don’t think the burqa should be worn into banks or going through immigration, security checks, it shouldn’t be worn while driving.

“I also think people are confronted by it but that doesn’t mean you ban it, we are better than this.”

Chair of the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights, Tasneem Chopra, told Neil Mitchell the majority of her Muslim community thought the stunt was funny.

“Most people laughed and thought it was a hilarious stunt, most people don’t take her seriously,” Ms Chopra said.

“I spoke to some teenage girls yesterday who thought it was hilarious, while others said, ‘Why does she hate us?’

“All she (Hanson) has done is undermine her credibility.”

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