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Neil Mitchell calls for audit, says Steve Herbert should sacked over ‘dog chauffeur’ affair

Neil Mitchell has called on Daniel Andrews to sack the corrections minister after he was caught using taxpayer money to chauffeur his dogs.

Steve Herbert has since apologised for using a driver to take his dogs from Parkdale to Trentham on ‘a couple’ of occasions.

He wasn’t in the car.

The journeys would typically take about two hours and cost at least $300.

‘Being a minister in a senior portfolio is a tough job, it’s a really tough job,’ Mr Herbert said.

‘Sometimes you make mistakes.

‘This was one of them.’

But Neil Mitchell says he should be sacked.

‘There are effectively no rules covering the way the ministers use this money,’ he said.

‘We can’t trust them.

‘If one of them will rort the system like this, don’t trust any of them.

‘We need a complete audit of how these people are spending our money and I guarantee there will be other atrocities in there because they’ve got this sense of entitlement.

‘Both sides have got it.’

State Opposition leader Matthew Guy welcomed calls for stronger guidelines.

‘What planet is this minister on to think he can carry his pets around using government resources?’ he told Neil Mitchell.

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