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Neil Mitchell calls for tougher restrictions on dog owners after numerous attacks

Neil Mitchell wants to see tougher restrictions on who can own large or dangerous dog breeds in Victoria.

His comments come after a spate of incidents in the last week.

Melbourne man Leo Biancofiore, 61, was mauled to death by an American Staffordshire Terrier last Wednesday.

More recently, a 11-year-old boy sustained serious facial injuries in another incident with an unregistered dog in Melbourne’s northwest on Friday afternoon.

Neil said owners should have to prove their suitability before being allowed to own certain dog breeds.

“Draw up a list of particularly large or dangerous breeds and if you want one, you need a special license,” he said on 3AW.

“You’ve got to prove you understand dogs and know how to control them and are a responsible owner.

“Not someone who goes out and buys a pit bull because they think it’ll go well with their latest skull tattoo, which is a danger.

“The more I think about it, maybe every dog owner should have a license as a person to prove they have some idea to care and control the animal.”

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