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Neil Mitchell calls on AFL to give a new medal to Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge

Neil Mitchell has called on the AFL to strike a new medal for Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge.

Beveridge handed his medal to injured captain Rob Murphy, who missed out of the premiership due to a knee injury, in a moment that brought tears to eyes across the nation.

Neil said it was a selfless act in the same class as John Landy helping Ron Clarke after his rival fell during a one-mile race in 1956.

Bulldogs’ President Peter Gordon has told Neil that they will be writing to the AFL today, calling for a new medal to be issued for Beveridge.

WATCH Peter Gordon in studio with Neil Mitchell below

Some people are concerned about setting a precedent for giving out medals to players who didn’t play in the Premiership, but Neil thinks the AFL can make it clear that this is a unique situation.

‘Forget the precedent, do it regardless,’ Neil said. 

‘Say ‘this is a one-off’ and embrace the moment.’

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