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Neil Mitchell calls on “elites” to “lay off” Scott Morrison

Neil Mitchell has called on the “elites” to lay off Scott Morrison.

He says the Prime Minister is being unfairly mocked about his religion.

Mr Morrison is a Pentecostal Christian.

“He’s being mocked in the elite media as a happy clapper,” Neil Mitchell said.

“He’s been sent-up in cartoons and letter writers as a happy clapper.

“There is plenty of reason to criticise Scott Morrison – religion is not one of them.

“Really? Imagine mocking a Muslim for wailing and lying on the floor? Or a Jew for not eating pork or wearing a skull cap? Lay off him.

“He should not be a target for what he believes in.

“But the elites are after him.

“I think it’s unreasonable.

“I think it’s un-Australian.”

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