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Neil Mitchell clashes with Kelly O’Dwyer over changes to superannuation

Neil Mitchell has clashed with Kelly O’Dwyer over changes to the government’s superannuation policy.?

The Turnbull government had taken a plan to the election that enforced a lifetime cap of $500,000 for after-tax super contributions to super, back-dated to 2007.

Among other changes, that’s now been scrapped, replaced by a yearly limit of $100,000.

You can also make no more after-tax contributions from July 1 next year if you have more than $1.6m in your super account.

Neil said it is proof the government had got its plan wrong the first time.

But Ms O’Dwyer, the Minister for Financial Services, said it showed the government was willing to listen to criticism.

‘The vast bulk of the package remains unchanged,’ Ms O’Dwyer said.

‘We have made some refinements as any good government would do. You do need to listen to the people, and we’ve done that.’

Neil: Do you accept that you took the wrong thing to the election?

Kelly: We accept that this is an improvement.

Neil: Well, by definition that means the other one was wrong.

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