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Neil Mitchell debates maternity leave ‘double-dipping’ with employment professor

Neil Mitchell has taken aim at parental leave ‘double-dippers’.

The government has moved to stop restrict parental leave payments from the taxpayer for those already getting them from work, and Neil thinks it’s the right call.

‘I think it has become the symbol of the age of entitlement,’ Neil said. 

He compared it to the pension being unavailable to people who earn $100,000 or more.

‘Fair enough if it is desperately needed. But why double-dip?’

With welfare costing Australia almost $200 billion per year, other welfare payments like unemployment and pension allowances are being tightened.

‘Why hand out extra money here if the boss is already paying?’ Neil said.

But Prof Marian Baird from the University of Sydney told Neil the scheme was always set up to have maternity leave paid by both the government and the employer.

Prof Baird said parental leave is a ‘critical, core issue’ for Australians.

‘It’s not some generous payout, it’s to protect our children, our mothers, and our future generation. It’s not just taking from the economy,’ she said.

Prof Baird said ‘very few’ employers pay out a sufficient amount in maternity leave.

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