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Neil Mitchell details bizarre tip over cause behind $20 million fire at state control centre

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A fire at the state control centre in August has been blamed on an attempt to flush underpants down a toilet on the level above, as revealed by Neil Mitchell.

The initial investigation has revealed the incident is believed to have been caused by an electrical switchboard sparking a fire that took about three hours to bring under control.

The damage bill for the fire on the fourth floor of the Nicholson Street building is believed to be in excess of $20 million.

3AW Mornings has confirmed an investigation into the cause of the August fire revealed water that got into the electrical switchboard caused it to short circuit, sparking a fire.

The MFB said the fire wasn’t suspicious.

“The investigation has been completed. It is believed that water-affected electrics caused a short in an electrical switchboard cupboard that may have started the fire” – MFB

Victoria’s emergency hub is still being housed in temporary accommodation.

“I am told, that all up, this has cost around $20 million and still counting,” Neil said.

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Assistant Chief Fire Officer Martin Braid told Neil Mitchell the fire was started by “water affected electrical components” in the switchboard.

“At that stage, most of the water came from the sprinkler system,” he said.

But he said he couldn’t comment on the “underwear theory”.

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