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Neil Mitchell details two concerning crimes

An 80-year-old man who stepped in to protect women who were being harassed and spat on by young thugs at a supermarket car park has been left injured and with a broken wrist.

Steve, whose father was attacked, questioned why the police didn’t turn up.

‘Where are they all?’ he asked Neil Mitchell. 

NEIL MITCHELL: I’m getting an increasing message from people about problems getting police attendance. I don’t blame the police for that, I think they are very busy, we see the crime rate going up.

Later that night at the hospital the police took a statement from his dad.

He says the teens were on bikes with hoodies circling the elderly women ‘like sharks’.

‘We believe they were about 16, 17,’ he said.

Meanwhile, a victim of an aggravated burglary in Croydon North, has told Neil Mitchell she feels angry and upset.

Kate said she had 10 police turn up very promptly after the incident. 

Her car, a FG Falcon GT with the number plate XHC 640 was stolen in the incident. 

‘It’s been sighted all day at various locations,’ she said.

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