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Neil Mitchell Editorial: CFA Dispute

Neil Mitchell |

Today could be a very important day for Victoria… For all of us.

This is about who runs the state.

At the moment the CFA board is meeting.

If this is pushed through, they will quit. 

If this is pushed through… one of the most capable ministers will quit.

It’s entirely possible at the end of the day, one of his best ministers, Jane Garrett could be bullied out of a job. 

This is now not about an industrial dispute, it’s a crisis for the government, it’s a crisis for fire fighting, it’s a crisis for volunteers. 

This could be a turning point for Vitoria, all depending how Mr Andrews handles it. 

If Jane Garrett is to resign, it shows sleazy deals for mates have triumphed over principle, and triumphed over Victoria. 

If she resigns, she will be missed. 

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