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Neil Mitchell explains why Labor and union movement must cut ties with prominent member

Neil Mitchell says the state Labor government and the union movement “has a big decision to make” regarding one of its most prominent members.

Union boss John Setka, from the CFMEU, will be pleading guilty to two charges involving a woman.

Mr Setka’s lawyer has advised he’ll plead guilty to one count of harassment and one count of persistently breaching a court order.

“The government campaigned strongly against the harassment of women and for equality and decency,” Neil Mitchell pointed out on Wednesday.

“Now here’s one of their own – a prominent union leader – pleading guilty to such a charge.

“In my view, they’ve got no option – he has to stand down, or be stood down.

“If you’re fair dinkum about protecting women, you’ve got to take a stand.

“The union is heavily involved with government and the Labor Party.

“At the moment, Daniel Andrews and the other ministers are saying they can’t talk about it because it’s before the courts

“Well, once it’s not, they certainly need to.

“I’m further told that John Setka has told some colleagues he wants to stay in the job once this is dealt with.

“The labor movement has a big decision to make.”

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