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Neil Mitchell finds out just how easy it is to buy drugs online

Neil Mitchell found a way to purchase home delivered ice in a matter of minutes on Tuesday.

And it’s being sold in ways lawmakers seem to know little about.

The rise of mobile phone apps and websites have given dealers a whole new world when it comes to selling drugs, as the 3AW Mornings host found out first hand.

He and his program producers found a way to place a ‘coded’ order through an app, which would have included delivery in the city.

It was that easy.

Tony Parsons is the Magistrate of the Dandenong Drug Court and said some of the technology being used was ‘remarkable.’

He said he hadn’t come across Neil Mitchell’s example.

‘Look, no I haven’t,’ he said.

‘I’ve certainly heard of people selling drugs online.

‘It’s quite alarming.’

Police had a major win in NSW on Monday, seizing $1 billion worth of the drug.

While praising the work of police and border forces, Mr Parsons conceded the sting was unlikely to have any major impact on the market.

‘I’d be very surprised if that had a significant impact on the marketplace,’ he said.

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