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Neil Mitchell gets an insight into our new deputy Prime Minister

Michael McCormack is the new deputy Prime Minister.

He was elected the new leader of the National Party on Monday.

Neil Mitchell said it highlighted “the problem” with a Coalition government, given very little was known about him.

So, he tried to get an insight on Monday.

Wagga Mayor Greg Conkey has known Mr McCormack for about 30 years and told Neil Mitchell that while he may not have a high profile in Canberra, he’s an effective grass roots campaigner.

“He believes in rural and regional Australia,” Mr Conkey said.

“The country is suffering.”

Neil Mitchell: “Will he stand up to Malcolm?”

Greg Conkey: “I’d like to think so.”

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Former party leader John Anderson, who served as deputy PM in the John Howard era, said Mr McCormack had to restore stability.

“I’m not happy with the way this has all unfolded,” he said.

“It’s very unfortunate for the party and indeed the government and I think the country.”

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