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Neil Mitchell gives his verdict on the Leaders Debate

Neil Mitchell says Monday night’s Leaders Debate changed next to nothing about the election campaign.

All it did was confirm what the 3AW Mornings host already thought.

“It confirmed to me the election is over,” he said.

“Bill was slippery, he was dodgy.

“Scott was plodding and uninspiring.

“It’s a battle between the unpopular and the un-electable.

“Shorten was deliberately evasive and misleading, I guess we expect that.

“Scott Morrison was offering nothing really new and we expect that.

“I think Bill Shorten has got the election won and he’s being very careful.

“He’s not going to commit to anything or give any detail.

“He’s selling hope and people are not considering what that’s going to cost and it’s going to cost a lot.

“He’s building big government we’ve got to pay for but voters don’t care.

“They’re going to buy Bill’s hope chest because they think the government has run out of energy and ideas, has become a critic, not a leader – the election is over, in my view.”

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