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Neil Mitchell grills Health Minister over Victoria’s COVID-19 strategy

Neil Mitchell has clashed with new Health Minister Martin Foley over Victoria’s slow easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

Mr Foley defended the strategy, which has been criticised by some within the federal government for being too conservative.

“I’m not interested in picking a fight with the federal government,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“I’m interested in picking a fight with the coronavirus and driving down infection rates so Victorians can have the return for their effort.”

In a heated interview, Neil Mitchell questioned Mr Foley about COVID-19 cases at the Royal Children’s Hospital, the decision to delay retail reopening, why year eight to 10 students aren’t yet back at school, and the 25 kilometre travel limit for Melburnians.

Mr Foley dodged questions about why retailers are now worse off than they were under the original coronavirus reopening plan, despite Victoria’s low case numbers.

NEIL MITCHELL: Do you accept that retail is in fact worse off under this than it was under the original plan?

MARTIN FOLEY: No, I don’t.

NEIL MITCHELL: Well they might not be open until November 1, the original plan was October 26.

MARTIN FOLEY: I accept that retail is doing it really hard at the moment.

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Image (left): Darrian Traynor / Getty