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Neil Mitchell grills Tim Pallas about the Victorian budget

The State Government has ruled out adding tolls to existing roadways after releasing an infrastructure-driven budget.

But they haven’t been ruled out completely.

The Andrews Government is committing to fund the entire $10.9 billion needed to fund the Metro Rail project, while also promising billions for regional rail and roads.

But Neil Mitchell was concerned by what he read on page 11 of budget paper four, hinting at the possibility of new tolls.

Treasurer Tim Pallas told Neil Mitchell he couldn’t guarantee there wouldn’t be any new tolls, but said they would not be on existing roads.

‘Our policy before the last election was that we wouldn’t toll for existing road space and we won’t,’ he told 3AW Mornings.

‘But when we build a new freeway, for example, tolling is an option.’

Neil Mitchell went on to grill Mr Pallas about other potential ‘hidden nasties’ in the budget.

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