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Neil Mitchell grills Treasurer, Shadow Treasurer over Port of Melbourne lease

It’s an enormous infrastructure contract.

It could be negotiated outside of the parliament.

It’s at risk of costing billions of dollars for no return.

Sound familiar?

No, it’s not East-West Link. It’s the Port of Melbourne.

‘It’s a bad case of d?j? vu,’ Neil Mitchell said.

Neil spoke to the Treasurer and the Shadow Treasurer about the proposed lease causing tension on Spring street.

Treasurer Tim Pallas told Neil he would prefer to do the deal through Parliament to avoid the situation emulating the ill-fated East-West Link project.

‘Both major political parties gave guarantees to the Victorian people that we intended to lease the port,’ he said.

But Shadow Treasurer Michael O’Brien said only Labor thinks it’s a good deal.

‘Every other party thinks this is a dud deal for Victoria for the next half-century.’

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