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Neil Mitchell has discovered it’s currently against the law for compensation to be paid to taxi licence holders

This week Uber and other ride-sharing businesses finally got the green light in Victoria.

Premier Daniel Andrews and the Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan announced a $453 million dollar assistance package.

This includes the buyback of hundreds of taxi licenses. $100-thousand dollars for the first licence, and $50-thousand dollars for the second.

It’s described as compensation, compensation for a change in licence conditions.

Neil Mitchell has uncovered a big problem with this.

There is a piece of government legislation called the Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act of 1983.

It outlines that there is no compensation payable if any decision is made around licence changes.

No compensation payable if terms are altered, varied or added to licence conditions.

3AW Mornings Legal Adviser David Galbally QC from Madgwicks Lawyers spoke with Neil Mitchell.

‘It is, arguable that the legislation can be read down to be limited to those transportation services that are mentioned in the act.’

Taxi’s aren’t mention in the act, but it does cover transport in general. 

‘It is very arguable both sides that no compensation is payable.’

‘The handout from the government, It’s just a freebie… something they don’t have to do…’ – David Galbally told 3AW Mornings. 

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